Friday, January 18, 2013 review

Wanting to support an Amazon-that-takes-bitcoin, I placed an order with  Here is my capsule review:

  • Order placed successfully.  Largely shopped in the "home and appliances" section, as hardware and software generally flow freely to me Smiley
  • Nice, clean, minimalistic interface.  Not as fancy as by a long stretch, but certainly usable and apparently well stocked.
  • Bitcoin payment, apparently via BitPay's engine, was successful.  A standard bitcoin address was presented on the page, and the reference client sent coins to the address without a problem.
  • Did not bother to compare prices with  Main goals were to stimulate the bitcoin economy, reward businesses going a good job representing bitcoin, and provide a real-money review of the store.

Major criticisms:

  • I checked out as a guest, not creating an account.  It was disappointing that there is no order URL at which I may track my order, e.g.  Almost all other online retailers offer this logical, basic feature:  watch the status of an order on the retailer's website, even if you did not create an account.

Minor criticisms:

  • The store sells 128GB flash drives, but the search string "128gb flash drive" does not return useful results.
  • Shipping was simply described as "standard shipping", without additional information about shipping methods.  USPS?  UPS?  FedEx?  Who knows?
  • Two shipping methods were offered to me:  "standard shipping" for free, or "standard shipping" for some amount of money.  Seems pointless to offer the same method twice, with two different prices.
  • Sending bitcoin payment before clicking "place order" is quite awkward and backwards from standard user expectations, I would think.
  • Nevertheless, as instructed, I sent bitcoin payment to the network before I clicked place order.  The user interface displayed an error.  I waited a few more seconds, then clicked "place order" again.  This time, it succeeded.
  • Order email, received after placing and paying for the order, simply says "Once your package ships we will send an email with a link to track your order." -- again failing to describe how my order will be shipped.
  • Order email is 100% USD, with no mention of BTC at all.  Payment was in bitcoins, of course (the only payment method available).

Conclusion:  Rough around the edges, but good selection and they take bitcoins.  Would buy from again... assuming that my current order arrives!


  1. Did your order ship yet? If so, how long did it take to ship?

    1. Yes, order shipped and received a few days after ordering. Very quick. Some items came via USPS, some via FedEx Ground.

  2. A bit disappointed. Put an order in last week using BTC but no updates on site and no response from customer support. Hoping to get a couple graphics cards before Christmas...