Thursday, October 1, 2015

Onwards and upwards

I want to thank BitPay for being a notable sponsor of bitcoin core development for over two years.  BitPay is truly a leader in open source, with bitcore and Copay being two notable examples.

It was an exciting and transformative time at BitPay, and I'm now transitioning to become a member of the BitPay Advisory Board.  I'll be focusing most of my time on building new and interesting things in the bitcoin space.

Other members of BitPay's Advisory Board include Arthur Levitt and Gavin Andresen, so I'm excited to continue to support BitPay.  Email will remain active as a BitPay advisor.

Update: FAQs answered here.


  1. Congratulations, Jeff. You're a terrific and incredibly valuable member of the bitcoin ecosystem. It was great for Bitpay to realize that and support your work. -Joe Co

  2. Great Jobs!
    Thanks for pyminer, great stuff

  3. Had the pleasure to work with Jeff at BitPay for a while and on the very few times we were together on something, he was such a pleasure and made things ridiculously easy. Can't say enough positive things and I can't wait for everything to do with Dunvegan!