Sunday, November 24, 2013

Our future: Population control through data mining

Our collective future will be dictated by statistics, cheap cloud storage and data mining, not politicians. NSA's PRISM is a symptom, a natural result of current tech. In 10 years, your average tech startup will have access to as much generalized CPU and storage as 2013-era NSA. Anyone with Google Glass, not just the NSA, will use facial recognition, gait recognition and other biometrics and identify every person they see on the street, every car they see driving down the road, in real time.


  1. Hi Jeff...RE cube's a much better idea...financed via bitcoin it will fly...soon!
    take a look and let me know your info on website...thanks...

  2. In 1st world countries maybe. Much of the 3rd world countries will most probably remain in the shadows here.

  3. Which is why it is important we quickly built distributed and decentralized systems. If we shuffle off all our data to places like Facebook we create a vast and exploitable data set.

    Sure I can have Google Glass and have the technical ability to do real time facial recognition, but I still require access to a list of faces etc to be able to make a match. With a centralized database like Facebook that becomes easy, but if we have a decentralized system with privacy in mind that becomes almost impossible.

    I'll make an analogy. We call a closed ledger with a few people that have access a bank. We called an open ledger that everyone has access to a blockchain.

    The exploitation only really occurs when the data is hidden and secret.