Friday, February 1, 2013

Avalon miner: power usage

Power usage snapshot, raw numbers:

     66.3 Ghps / 620 Watts / 5.6 Amps

thanks to Kill-A-Watt.  See previous post for the more complete review.

Let the efficiency and electricity cost calculations begin!

cgminer status snapshot, showing hash speed, temperature, etc. at the time of the power measurements:

   [Elapsed] => 2186
   [MHS av] => 66320.47
   [Found Blocks] => 0
   [Getworks] => 73
   [Accepted] => 2060
   [miner_count] => 24
   [asic_count] => 10
   [fan1] => 0
   [fan2] => 1920
   [fan3] => 1920
   [temp1] => 27
   [temp2] => -1
   [temp3] => 48
   [temp_max] => 49


  1. Though the power consumption is well above expectations it sure beats a pair of 7970's averaging under 1.4Gh and sucking down 750 to 800 watts.

  2. In previous post speed was about 67.5 Ghps, now it is 66.3, does it mean that asic chips degrade?

  3. I just want to comment here since I don't have (nor care for) a bitcointalk account. Your 'work' issues sound similar to what I irregularly see with my equipment (8 active GPUs, 1 BFL Single), Slush's Pool, Stratum 1.2 or so. Occasionally all my workers say they're still working but nothing is getting done and I have to force restart Stratum and occasionally restart each of my miners. The bug may be in how much work can be submitted or other network issue? In the meantime I just check my stats at several times a day to ensure I'm still getting output.

  4. So what is the word is this thing still working? Are you making a lot of btc? Or is it kaput? It would be nice to know $1200+ is going to pay off or not. Sure as more of this come out it will be harder and harder to get the most btc for the buck, but hell I would throw done on one for the second or third batch if it paid itself off.

  5. Curious also: how profitable is the machine?

    I saw the power usage and the one time 20hrs 14 BTC.

    I dont understand the updated mining share post - maybe it helps.

    Anyway - What kind of AVERAGE btc / day are you seeing?

    Thanks for the great articles, very helpful to read your take on the unboxiing and onward.

  6. I would love to know any BTC/Day numbers as well.