Monday, July 25, 2011

Norway killer is not a Christian

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The "fundamentalist Christian" claim is just simply not supported by Anders Breivik's own writings. "As a non-religious person, but still one that acknowledges and respects the impact of Judeo-Christian thinking on Western culture, [...]"

Breivik actively indicates he does not practice religion, and writes essays complaining about "evangelist, fundamentalist churches"

The first ~600 pages is devoted to alternately describing how Muslims are awful because of the nasty things they did to medieval Christians, and lauding medieval Christians for anti-Muslim violence, and Crusading against Muslims.

What Breivik does not do is claim any sort of Biblical or holy justification, or indicate that some higher power is guiding his hand or thinking. He never feels nor says he is acting as a Christian -- just the opposite, in fact.

It seems like standard "race war" agitprop, that attempts to draw from history examples of glory for, and crimes against, white people. Historically speaking that means Christians and Jews (which he does mention).

Yuck. I just feel nasty, having waded through that white supremacist crap.

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  1. Thanks for sparing us the bother of reading it ourselves. He sounds like your average Neo-Nazi.