Monday, January 10, 2011

Rhetoric, and the desire for a meme

Quoting Jacobson,

The meme that opponents of Obama are crazy and dangerous has been an explicit Democratic Party campaign strategy for over two years.

Here is just a partial list of events in which the left-wing and Democratic Party media operation has immediately blamed right-wing rhetoric, only to be proven wrong when the facts finally came out: Bill Sparkman, Amy Bishop, The Fort Hood Shooter, The IRS Plane Crasher, The Cabbie Stabbing, and The Pentagon Shooter.

The facts will come out about the shooting and murder by Loughner. Until then, we’ll be subjected to the sickness of people who seek to use the crime to their political advantage and who will worry about the facts later on, if ever.

Update: Friends, teachers tell of Loughner's descent into world of fantasy

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